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I was having a lame day. And then Google Now gave me this. Here. Go forth and drool in public.

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Best $1.85 I have ever spent.

Um. Yes.

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This article describes me perfectly and gives me so much clarity I might actually cry.

  • Question: Your entry about your brother made my day. I hope my sons feel this way about each other one day. Thank you so much for sharing. - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    I’m glad to help! Thank you!

  • Question: When are you going to finish the Just For Now fanfic? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Soon my precious. Soon.


LeakyCon: An Experience

My article on LeakyCon was published in my local newspaper recently! I wrote one last year too.

So happy for the opportunity to share my trip with anyone who might want to hear.


Dear Tumblr, help me find this amazing cosplayer!

He’s from Denmark and I met him at LeakyCon Orlando. Does anyone know his name?!?!



The Veronica Mars Gang Returns for Spin-Off Webseries

ryan_hansenBack in January, creator Rob Thomas spoke about a possible spin off project revolving around one of the Veronica Mars characters, Dick Casablancas – played by Ryan Hansen. It has now been confirmed that it is a webseries titled Play It Again, Dickand that all eight episodes have already completed filming. Thomas describes the webseries to be more tonally in common with one of his other television…

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There’s something very nice about a picture taken when you aren’t looking that actually looks good.

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Home. I’ve heard the word before.