Having the time to eat at LeakyCon is the literal struggle. 

First you have to wait on huge lines to get to food in the first place, and second, the food in the center is expensive as the stores the Malfoys might frequent.

Let’s not even get into the fact that you might have a super awesome meet-up or panel to get to right the freak now! or that people have already started lining up for a signing you wanted to attend two hours ago while you were doing yoga with Evanna Lynch.

You, however we might hope, cannot get a pass on eating and drinking for a weekend though, so here are some cool convention hacks to help you stay nourished and ALIVE without missing events or emptying your pockets on a $10.00 dried patty between two conveniently cut pieces of a yoga mat.

TIP 1: When you’re shoving cosplay into your suitcase, SHOVE SNACKS IN THERE TOO.

  • Snacks should be dried and sealed to travel with
  • No liquid snacks will make it through a TSA check point unless it’s below 3 ounces and even then it might spill in your bag
  • Think granola bars to pair with yoghurt you can get at the grocery store when you get there
  • SPEAKING of grocery stores, you can easily go and buy some snacks when you get to Orlando. That way you can save space in your suitcase to pack more cosplay, and save money for MERCH by not having to buy food at a restaurant 3 times a day
  • If you still aren’t sure which snacks you should buy/pack, think “What can I eat in front of people, store in my bag without it spilling, and hold with one hand.” and that should help you!

TIP 2: Buy a refillable water bottle that is easy to fill and carry. They have super cool ones that clip to your bag now! 

  • Be sure to get one that isn’t too big. That way when it’s filled with water, it’s not too much trouble to carry around
  • The opening should be wide so that you can easily refill your bottle at water fountains in the convention center

If there is anything else you’d like to know ASK AWAY! Seriously, I love helping people.


Okay. I’m not even on VINE or fluent in all the current trends, but when I saw this I realized how truly terrible things have gotten. I am about to go into a long rant about weird things that people who spend too much time on Vine do but first-


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Dean’s Siren being a man has been everything from a fandom joke to proof of Dean’s bisexuality/repressed homosexuality/whatever to proof of Wincest, and like everything about the show you’re free to interpret it how you want. The awful part of the episode is Sam and Dean’s big fight, though, we can pretty much all agree on that one. But honestly, the more I think about it the more heartbreaking Dean’s Siren is, for what it says about Dean.

The Siren turns into your heart’s desire, the perfect satisfaction for everything you love. Most people will have lots of traits they like, looks they desire, kinks they’re desperate to share, and the Siren makes them fall in love by fulfilling them all. Dean is Mr Ladies Man, king of the one-night stand - presumably if you asked him, he’d have a list of kinks and physical preferences a mile long. He’d be gold for a Siren, right?

Except the Siren doesn’t become a Busty Asian Beauty, or a Lisa-esque snarky family woman - it becomes not just a man, but a little brother. Dean is attracted to a lot of things, but in terms of love, Dean is so utterly damaged and jaded against and afraid of the concept that the only kind of love and devotion that he can conceive of is filial. He’s so completely codependent on his brother and his family that the siren’s best and only in for any real emotional, devotional connection is to be a brother.

That’s why it’s such a big deal when Dean denies Samuel the right to call himself their family. That’s why he’s so against the idea of John having a ‘normal’ family who isnt them (him) on the side. That’s why calling Bobby the closest thing to a father he had is such huge bond between them, and why ‘family don’t end with blood’ sums up the show so well. And that’s why it was such a big deal for him to call Cas a brother - the siren proved that brotherhood is quite literally the truest concept of love that Dean can comprehend. That’s not an epithet to be tossed out lightly; you’re on the same level as Sam, you really have to earn that with him.

And when that’s challenged and/or betrayed (Sam with Ruby/demon blood, Cas with Crowley/souls) it cuts Dean seriously deep. He lashes out. He’s an asshole. You didn’t see family like he did, you lied and you hurt him and you fucked up. But he’ll always let them back in, eventually, and that relationship will always be fixed, because to him there really is no stronger bond than family - than brothers.

This. Freaking this.

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 #sam r u wearin the tablecloth

Winchester camouflage 

Still haven’t done those dishes, mom. I GOT A LITTLE CAUGHT UP FINISHED #TheGuild AND CRYING BECAUSE IT’S OVER


Okay but seriously. #Leakycon2016 tho.

I am going to be sooooooo booked up with conventions and traveling for the next 2 years it isn’t even funny.

Just when I think, maybe I should try out a different convention… BAM Leaky pulls me right back in by the tail of my savings account.


So I’ve been seeing a lot of questions from new Leaky goers asking for advice.

I thought the market was taken on convention advice, but I guess people will always have questions!

Anyway, I’ll be posting little tips for LeakyCon, so if anyone has any questions or advice suggestions, send me an ask!


Babysitting for a Vietnamese family. One of the kids made combination soup. My diet has been so ruined these last 3 days, and I’m pretty sure my stomach is still pissed about all the Easter food I ate yesterday.




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